Birth & Yearly age

Alahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza Khan was born on 10th  Shauwal 1272 A.H corresponding to 14th June 1856 A.D.  He was named 'Muhammad' in Aqiqa. His grandfather  suggested his name as "Ahmad Raza'. His mother called  him 'Amman Miyan." His chronogramical name is  'Al-Mukhtar' (1272 A.H.)  

Growing young he deducted chrogram of his birth by  this verse of the Holy Quran.  
"These are they in whose hearts Alllah has inscribed  faith and helped them with spirit from Himself.  (Mujadalah :22)  (The translation) 
In the age of 4 he completed the reading of the Holy  Quran. In the age of 6 he delivered a lecture, sitting  on the pulpit, in a big crowd.  In the age of 8 he wrote the commentary on the book  "Hidayat-an-Nahau" In the age of 10, wrote commentary  on 'Musallim-al-saboot'.  In the age of 13 years. 10 months & 4 days he  completed his education & was honored with the turban  of excellence. 

From the very day he began to write  Fatwa (Verdict). He wrote his first verdict on the  issue of 'fosterage'  

Teachers  of Imam Ahmad Raza
1- Imam Ahmad Raza received his education from his  father, Maulana Naqi Ali Khan & various other  teachers.  
2- He learnt a few books of urdu & Persian from Mirza  Ghulam Qadir Baig Bareilvi (d-1883 AD)  
3- He also learnt a little from Maulana Abdul Ali  Rampuri (d-1885 A D)  
4- Besides them, he was also taught by his saintly  guide His holiness Shah Aale- Rasool Marehravi (d 1879  A D)  
5- He also learnt some formulae of Jafr (Numerology &  literology) from his guide's grand son shah Abul  Hussain Noori Marehravi ( d 1906)  

Imam Ahmad Raza was comferred certificates of Hadith  & Jurisprudence by the following Ulama :-  
1- Hazrat shaikh Ahmad bin Zain Dahlan (d 1881 A.D.)  
2- Hazrat shaikh Abdul Rahman siraj Makkih (d-1883  A.D)  
3- Hazrat shaikh Hussain bin saleh (d 1884 A.D)  In the age of 18 (1874 AD) he was married & had  become father of a son (Maulana Hamid Raza Khan) in  1875 A.D. 

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