Discipleship & Caliphate

Imam Ahmad Raza and his father Maulana Naqi Ali Khan went to Marehra (a rural town in District Etah U.P.) along with Maulana Abdul Qadir Budauni, in order to receive discipleship from Maulana Syed Aale-Rasool Ahmadi, Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqahe Barkatia in 1877. 
Imam Ahmad Raza & his father were welcomes with unusual honours. His holiness shah Aale-Rasool accepted both as his disciples right way, though a long period of waiting & training for purification was customary. Imam Ahmad Raza and his father received caliphate and permission in 13 Sufiorders too. On making Imam Ahma Raza, the disciple & on conferring him Caliphate and permission immediately, the grand son & Janasheen of His holiness Shah Aale Rasool, Shah Abul Hussain Ahmad Noori questioned shah Sahab:- 
"Here no body is accepted in discipleship without tranning & mystic exercise but Ahmad Raza Khan was immediately linked into saintly chain & conferred caliphate and permission too. why is it so "? 

Hazrat Shah Aale Rasool replied :- 
" People come for becoming discple in polluted state, therfore. are purified by training and mystic exercise but Ahmad Raza was pure and clean. He needed only connection that I did". He further stated that :- 
"Now he could die in peace, knowing that when Allah asked him what had he brought him from the world, he could offer him Ahmad Raza in reply" .

What a lovely style of proud of his disciple ? 
His holiness shah Abul Hussain Ahmad Noori also said 
Imam Ahmad Raza "Scion of Barkati family" & even said 
"In this age Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan saheb is the 
touch stone of Sunniat.

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