Books admired & Verified by Ulama of the Holy Haramain & the Muslim World

Fatawal-Harmain Barjafe Nadwatul Main 
Almustanadul Moatmad 
Addaulatul Makkiah 
Kiflul Faqihil Fahim 

(1) Fatawal Harmain :- 
Nadwatul Ulama was a great mischeief, better known as Nadwi faith :- 
" Nechari, Wahabi, Qadyani, Rafzi-ite, Sunni-all are people of Qibla. Infidelity on the people of Qibla is not legal as. They are also Muslims. All are equal in the sight of God as all the subjects are equal in the sight of British Govt. In connection with corrupt faith & wrong doing of Nadwa, Imam Ahmad Raza compiled the book entitled as 
"Fatawal Harmain Barjafe Nadwatul main" consisting with 28 questions & their answers on the occasion of his second Hajj Piligrmae before the Ulama of the Holy place. 
Haramain. After minute examination of this book 16 Ulama of the Holy Makkah and 7 Ulama of the Holy Madinah verifed it and wrote favourable notes on it. 

2- Almustanadul-Moatamad :- 
Imam Ahmad Raza adding marginal notes on the Arabic book "Almoataqadul Mustanad" by Maulana Fazle Rasool Budauni, named it "Al Moatamadul Mustanad" which consists the blasphemous words of Ashraf Ali "Thanvi", Khalil Ahmad "Ambethavi", Rasheed Ahmad "Gangohi", Qasim "Nanautavi" & Mirza Ghulam Ahmad "Qadyani". Imam Ahmad Raza declared them Kaffir because of derogatoy remarks they made against Allah & His Holy Messenger Sllallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam. The very book Imam Ahmad Raza presented before the Ulama & Mashaikh of the Holy Haramain. They studied it deeply & examinined minutely and ratified the fatwa of Imam.
Ahmad Raza & wrote. " He who doubts in their infidelity & punishment is himself a Kafir." They admired Imam Ahmad Raza & admitted his scholarship. This ratification of 37 Ulama of the Holy Harmain was published by Imam Ahmad Raza under the name & style of "Husamul Hermain Alamunharil Kufrwal Main" i.e "The sword of Harmain on the neck of Kufr" Besides Ulama of the Holy Hermain 268 ulama & Mashaikh of united India from Peshawar to Bengal ratified this Fatwa & Maulana Hashmat Ali Khan published it entitled with Al-Sawarim-al-Hindiya. 

3- Addaulatul Makkiah :- 
Imam Ahmad Raza wrote this master piece book in the Holy Makkah in eloquent 
Arabic within 8 hours to prove the unseen knowledge of the Holy Prophet Sall Allahu Alaihi Wasallam, with out asistance of any reference book. 60 Ulama ratifed it 
and wrote favourable notes.
4- Kiflul Faqihil Fahim :- The Ulama of Arab & Muslim world were doubtful about legality of currency note. Maulana Abdullah Meerdad, Imam of masjidul Haram & his 
teacher shaikh Hamid Mahmood Jadavi questioned Imam Ahmad Raza about legality of currency note. Imam Ahmad Raza wrote a book in Arabic referring the Juziya ( 
miner detail) of fiqh & proved legality of currency note. The book was entitled with "Kiflul Faqihil Fahim Fi Ahkame Qirtasil Darahim" In this book Imam Ahmad Raza has also explained the methods of establishing & running Interest free banks for the Muslims. Shaikh Saleh Kamal, Shaikh Ahmad Abul Khair, Syed Ismail ben Khalil & other Ulama also wrote favourable notes on this book.


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