Introduction of Monthly Sunni Duniya (Urdu)

     In the Islamic media the significance and benefit of journals and magazines are is apparent in the whole world. By this benefit the great scholars of the world the great jurist, leader of the Ulama, The Crown of Islamic Law, the Grand Mufti of Indias, the successor of Huzur Mufti-e-Azam Hind Allama Mufti Akhtar Raza Khan Azhari Qadri registered a magazine in the name of “Sunni Duniya” in the year 1982A.D. whose first editor was late (Dr.) Abdul Naim Azizi
     It is compulsory for an institution to have a journal as the spokesman of the mission. It is the matter of great pleasure that Sunni Duniya magazine in being published from 1982 on word.
     Sunni Duniya has various glorious contents like, Tajalliyat-e-Naat (Poetry in the praise of Holy Prophet Peace be upon him), Bahar-e-Hadith (Holy Prophet’s Tradition), Zia-e-Quran (Light of Quran), Fatawa (Judicial opinions), and all the activities of Sunni Organizations. Inspite of this Sunni Duniya has important articles of renowned Sunni scholars and Ulama-e-Ahle Sunnat .
     Please take part in the progress of this Islamic monthly magazine.

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