.....as a Jurist

Jurisprudence was the main Subject of Imam Ahmad Raza. He was originally a Jurist. 
Fatawa Radhvia consisting 12 Volumes spread over 12000 pages is a marvellous work of Imam Ahmad Raza. This is the collection of thousands of Fatawa, Solution of thousands religious issues & problems. The set of books comtain many researches of Imam Ahmad Raza in Fiqh. 
For example Aalahazrat Imam Ahmad Raza had described 306 kinds of water and discussing 
their qualities, Chemical reactions etc, he has proved that with 160 kinds of water Wadhu (Ablution) can be made & with 146 kinds of water the ablution is not permissible. 
Like wise about Tayammum (Alternative of ablution) he had drawn a list of 181 things (Soil & other matters) fit to be used for Tayammum & a list of 130 things unfit for this purpose. This Fatawa Radhvia is an ocean of learning & knowledge. Imam Ahmad Raza had used theories of physics, Geology, chemistry, logarithm, spherical Trigonometry, Algebra and view 
points of trade, commerce & Economics etc in this book. He had made the rational branches of knowledge the slave of Fiqh and Divinity. This is infact the constitution of life .

His another work in Fiqh is "Jiddul Mumtar." "Kiflul Faqihil Fahim" is also a good example of his skill in Fiqh. 
Ulama and Juristís of his time & the present age have unanimously admitted his skill and Supremacy in Fiqh. 

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