Political activities of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan

Imam Ahmad Raza’s Politics was very simple & based upon Islamic thoughts. He opposed Hijra movement, Jehad movement, Khilafat movement and Non-cooperation movement because they were launched by Gandhi & Hindus & not for welfare of Muslims & in the Sympathy of usmani Sultanate of Turkey. Infact the Hindus wanted liberat India from Briish Govt, wanted to rule over the country forming it as "Ram Rajya" & making Muslims as their subjects and slaves. In opposing Non cooperation movement what ever :Imam Ahmad Raza did not support of British Govt but in opposition of Muslim Hindu Unity. He declared the cooperation with any Kaffir and Mushrik Unlawful.

Now see his view in these matters as under :- 

  • "Hijrah from Darul Islam is unlawful as there is desolation of the mosques, disgrace of graves & ruin of women, children and old aged people. 
  • "Assistance by wealth (money) is not wajib for poor and assistance by action for help less, therefore the order of Jehad and killing is not incumbed on the Muslims of India" 
  • The Quranic Verses in abundance declared cooperation with all Kaffirs Unlawful whether they be Majoos or Jews or christians or Hindus. 
  • Imam Ahmad Raza had Fiqhi differnces with those who considered the sultanate of Turkey as Khilafat in the sense of Shariah. Maulvi Abdul Bari Firangi Mahli & Abul Kalam Azad had not admitted the Qarshiyat necessary for Khilafat but according to Ahle sunnah Qarshiyat is the condition for Caliphate & he (Imam Ahmad Raza) proved this condition in the light of the Holy Hadith & refuted the views of Maulvi Abdul Bari and Abul Kalam Azad. Imam Ahmad Raza had his own programme of providing help to the Turks. 
  • Imam Ahmad Raza refuted Maulvi Abdul Bari on following Mr Gandhi & Coperating the Kaffirs & Mushriks. 
  • Imam Ahmad Raza presented four points programme for economic & social welfare of Muslims. He also refuted those theories of Science which were against Islamic thoughts. He refuted Newton, Kepler, Gallileo, Hershel & others and proved the earth is static. 
  • Imam Ahmad Raza refuted Nadviah. He received fatwa from Ulama of the Holy Haramain & Published the book entitled with "Fatawa-al-Haramain. 
  • Imam Ahmad Raza refuted the Necharitat 
  • Besides rebuttal of Moharram mourning, unvieling & false mysticism etc, he also rebutted card playing, other fun & sports, the funeral feast & false customs of marriage etc. 

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