Imam Ahmed Raza Khan's main works

Imam Ahmad Raza particulary wrote a book ‘Al Kaukabatul-Shahabia’ in refutation of Maulvi Ismail Dehalvi & proved infidelity on him by 70 reasons. In the refutation of Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, Qasim Nanautavi , Khaleel Ahmad Ambethavi and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadyani wrote many books. Out of them the following books are mentionable :- 
1- Subhan-ul-Subboh 
2- Al-Haibatul-Jabbariah. 
3- Munnirul Ain. 
4- Tamheed-e-Iman 
5- Addaulat-ul-Makkiya 
6- Almoatamadul-Mustanad 
7- Qahar-ul-Daiyan 
8- Khatm-un-Nabuwah 

He also refuted, Ahle-Hadith & ‘Ahle-Quran’, the Chakralvis. But his main works is to receive the fatwa from the ulama of the Holy Haramain. They ratified Imam’s Fatwa of infidelity & apostasy against Thanvi, Gangohi, Nanautavi, Ambethai & Qadyani, which he wrote in his book :- 
Imam published the fatwa of the Ulama of the Holy Hermain entitled with ‘Husamul-Hermain" 268 Ulama of united India ratified ‘Husamul Harmain " & published the book named ‘Al Sawarimul-Hindiyah". on this basis & examining his scholarship besides the ulama of united India, the Ulama of the Harmain & other Muslims world admitted Imam Ahmad Raza , the reviver of14th Islamic century. 

After reviving Sunnah & renewing Deen-o Millah, Imam Ahmad Raza Presented the following faiths :-

  • Allah is one, ominipotent, ominiscient, creater and Sustainer. He is free from body, figure, place, time, direction and any defect & harm. 
  • Muhammad, the Messenger Sall Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is created from Allah’s light & is the origin of all creations of Allah. 
  • The Holy Prophet Sall Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is the last & final prophet & lord of all the prophets & Messengers. 
  • He is Hadhir Nadhir 
  • He is communicator of unseen 
  • He is the master of both worlds 
  • He is the Intercessor 
  • His meraj (Accesion) was physical. 
  • His miracles are true. 
  • All the prophets & angels are innocent 
  • Mediation & assistance from Prophets & Aulia are legal. 
  • Milad, Fateha & Niyaz are legal 
  • Aulia have got authority by Allah Taa'la. 
  • The miracles of Aulia are also true. 

To day these faiths which are actually Islamic faiths are called as "Maslake Aalahazrat" it is not any new school of thoughts or sect in Islam. The Heretic say it "Barelvia" to defame Imam Ahmad Raza but this Barelvia has been the symbol of Traditional Islam. No doubt "Maslake Aalahazrat" is the Maslak of Sahaba, their successors, Imams, Ulama & Aulia & very maslak & religion has been running since 1400 years. Today 80% Muslims are followers of this Maslak. Even the opponents have acknowledged that this Barelvia is not any new sect but is the old maslak :- 

(1) Ahsan Ilahi Zaheer says ;- "Though this Jamah with respect to its birth & name is new but is old according to its thoughts & faiths". 

(2) Shaikh Muhammad Akram writes :- "He supported the old Hanafi Maslak with full intensity." 

(3) Al-Hasnat monthly, Rampur, a Journal of Jama’ate Islam Hind writes :- 
"This notion is not true that Imam Ahmad Raza Khan has founded a new sect in Islam rather this is true this Jama’ah of Ulama , due to devotion with Ahmad Raza is commonly called "Barelvi" on account of differences in a few issues between another Hanfis, there established a seprate identity. 

(4) A non-muslim scholar Malik Ram writes :- " As every one knows that Barellly is the native land of Maulana Ahmad Raza Khan Marhoom. He was a very strict old thinking Alim. 
"Barelvi" or "Maslake Aalahazrat" is but the Traditional Islam, Jama’ate- Ahle- Sunnat

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